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Last Night Lookin @ Full Moon

from my living room was so comforting.  I love the moon and it's soft glory beaming down on all of us.  Yesterday was my grandson's birthday.  After Bikram yoga class I hurried home to FaceTime/Apple with the family in Utah.  My ER Doctor son showed me his new iPhone with the thumb print entry.  Very cool.  I told the my grandson who was 7 yesterday what happened to brat cat Peanut Jr.  Peanut Jr. is still full of it and a live circus day in and day out.  A few weeks back, I told the other two cats to beat Peanut Jr. up.  I just noticed that Peanut had a tiny claw scratch at lower end of his tail.  He has taken care of it and all is well.  One of his brother cats almost got his doo doo place. LOL.  I bet it was Buddy the Box Car who has HUGE kitty claws.  I need to show everyone how huge his paws are on HD video.  I showed the kids in Utah the three big cats on FaceTime video.  I think they have gotten bigger.  Maybe Buddy is 22 pounds as of today. OMG. All the cats are happy big lovely and fun.   I rescued the cats from Springville Utah over 4 years ago.  I think their food bill is bigger than my food bill.  LOL.

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