May 12th, 2006

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Lately I have felt turned inside OUT

Moving my studio has been a bear for me and I feel zombified. I went to the dentist and it tipped me off the scale during the move. That damn S$M hygentist. Last night I surfed over to Madonna and I am back on track. It is amazing what music does 4 my soul. I have loved Madonna for years, edgy stuff, but when 911 came around and the war, she pissed me off when she said America sucked. Hey mommy Madonna, we made you millions so be gratetful for your $fortune. PERFORMER!!! LOL! They think they are gods. I think she is a cool bitch whore again. You gotta admire someone who at 47 for what she does. She's an artist/performer like myself. P.S. I feel like a zombie, hum maybe I could play this out on the cam show???