July 18th, 2006

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Southern Charm's Bash Key West 2006, Florida

Sexy Miss Lizz and I will be flying all day long next Wednesday to the Freak Bash for Southern Charms. Our road trips are a TRIP!. I will be in humid, HOT Florida from July 26-30, 2006. Party time USA and "SC Babes Gone Wild". I have contacted many of my wild SC friends "guys and dolls" for freak down parting, image/video shoots and fun fun fun!!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. There is so much to do before I go.
I am so bad: at my new house there is a sun filled porch where my neighbors could see me tanning before noon each day. LOL. Across the road is a young stud and I can see him from my porch. Hi baby!!!
I will bring my "I'M DAMN GOOD!"tee shirts for special friends, only 10 original designs.
Jump on over to http://www.southerncharms.com and look for the link to one of many parties with all the models. There will be some hot babes for sure!
Gotta go now. xoxoxxxo zoe zane zoblogs