September 16th, 2006

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Saturday September16 2006

Cyber is out of town and I am all alone with my male cat fuzzy. I'm posting pics from Key West. I was a bad girl. In this image shoot in FL, I was jungle girl and smeared makeup up on my body for the mud look. I accidentally used Sexy Miss Lizz makeup from Macy. EXPENSIVE! LOL. I felt really bad, I ran off to cry a little. REALLY! Lizz and I have a good thing going for the Net. When you find something special you want to keep it. She was upset a bit but we went shopping on Duval in FL wearing wild outfits for more makeup. Those pics will be posted this Sunday. I have been looking for a pipe to smoke but have been too busy to buy one so my cam show will be changed today. I will call the show dirty stories. I am working through the journey of editing vid clips and figuring it out. It is a big step up for me. I am a crappy typist. I cannot stand to type. prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Fuzzy my male cat is purring in the chair next to me. He has this favorite geek computer chair in our office he loves to do anything on. Funny how cats do things. Folsum Street Fair is next Sunday, I have financial records to put together. I was planning on going to the fair with other girlfriends but my daughter is coming in next week. She likes to be wild, I will see if she can go when she gets in town. Cross your fingers for me. I love Folsum in SF.

here is the lesbian side of Folsum which is very hot, the link

zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Here are the pipe pics some fan sent to me

He wants me to do an image shoot but would not send me the pipes since he other girls ripped him off. So he will have to take what I can will give him.

I am going to be granny out on the farm with my shoot gun. Red neck granny.............HA!. hehehe!