September 22nd, 2006

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Two topics

#1. I'm a grandma again as of September 20, 2006. My son the ER doctor and his wife had a baby boy 7lbs. 10oz with a set of lungs. Boy he will need them for this world. She wanted to name him Jackson but I do not think so. They are still working on a name for him, maybe Taylor which is my Dad's middle name. Now I have 5 grand kids and they are all very cul. Cody, Avery, ???, Kay-dance, and Brady. Yipeeeeeee! I spoil them and run. HA!
#2. This is whacked x husband the Mormon bishop/seminary teacher called my Dad to tell him that he thinks we might get back together again. LOL LOL LOL! No way you dumb ass. Go ahead and have your fantasy baby. If we were married again: I would turn him into the biggest transvestite, tie him up in a black van and let all the gay bears give him a good fuck! Oh yes, give it to me Daddy. He needs a good fuck and then he would drop the fantasy that we are married. I still can not believe I am writing this.
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Southern Charms Zoe Zane SC2

I just added 5 new smoking vid clips of me dragging on 4 cigs at the same time. Yes I'm a smoking slut and yoiu can see my stroke my clit and talk dirty. Update #67 and 5 new vid clips with pics of me showing off at Las Vegas Red Rooster 2006. Las Vegas was the town where I begin my wild life/swinging. I have see a few male porn stars like Ron Jeremy and Sashi. I meet Kitty Foxx at the club.