October 19th, 2006

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Big image shot for Aunt Judy's web site

I finished the gig Sunday with Tom Mayes. 10 sets so let's see if I can remember all of them. Up skirt, fetish feet, set for amateur, lingerie, secretary, in the kitchen, toy set, masturbation set, and ???.....................hum I am thinking..............I guess you will have to go see them all and tell me in an
e-mail. Your gumbie girl, Zoe

http://www.auntjudys.com The webmaster is in Arizona. Maybe I will see him at Internext or AVN??? I am on the front index page in light tan lingerie and pearls. Yes I had my boobs lifted when I was 52. It took 1 1/2 for them to heal. I went back to work after 6 weeks. It was like having stitches stick out like bullets. Ouchy and after 6 months I felt like I did the right thing. It was extremely painful.
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

I have been on the edge of crash and burn

with my computer for a year. I moved all my content into the D drive skirting around shut down. I dumped outlook express for obvious reasons and my sony camcorder is going to the cemetery. I have used this wonderful camera for over 5 years for vids and cam shows. I can still use it and I was asked to make a custom video and the sound is in and out and the digital is acting funny. I have another backup to complete the custom vid. Please be patient "J".............zoe. Sooner or later I will need to get a bigger computer and new camcorder. There is one thing I will always love, the cam show viewers/big audiences and being in front of the camera. I am a big show off and it comes form the dancing days on stage. I love the stage. My business is like a passionate dance on the stage of life.
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Last night a pic shoot with Adonna from SC

We did three pic sets and one as pirates. Pirates wrestling.....??? YES! I am really excited about this set I threw in my chicken. Hahahahaha! You know me and my crazy humor. I will take some pics of the studio and show you the mess I have to clean up today. WOE was a huge disorganized studio I have to face today. Two granny wrestle? YES!