October 31st, 2006

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Fright net on cable TV

I watch "Carrie" for the first time last nigh with Sissie Spaciek-sp??? and John Travolta. I liked it, just right gore, and then Dracula with Keeanue Reeves. I just might pound out on horror today. I am going to dress up like the saditsic nurse and go all over the place today.
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

The movie "Carrie"

I liked it where she ran around with big buggy eyes dripping in red in her satin dress. How she took out the high school and her religious freakin mama! Done just right. I am into dblood this year. I'm on page six, the chapter about my first born child that was born deformed. I did research on her birth defect. LOL. I saw a lot of monster pics of babies. Too weird. It is Halloween............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Wackoo weird, I am making fun of it. I saw a baby crib for sale at a yard sale. I could of dressed up like a midwest farmer's wife pushed her around in it and everybody would of thought what a geart halloween gig. LOL. BAM! GRR.!@#$%^&*()_... Hey when it is painful make fun of it! RIGHT! That has taken me 59 years to figure that out. Bless the sadistic nurse.