November 4th, 2006

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LIve cam show and new update to old site

Cam show today was crazy. I got on just before 9AM PST and the cam show needed to be pushed to a new server. Camz moved our shows to a new server. It took 20 minutes to get it figured out with admin, but I was pretty cul and knew I could do it. Over 420 viewers were waiting. I did a very messy whipping cream, hersey syrup, lotion, champagne all over myself show. It was a lot of fun slipping all over my kitchen floor. The guys get wild over my big clit!

***** A site I have had for a long time is getting a new update for VOD/clips/downloads of cam shows and free pics with Kitty Foxx. A lot of it will be free porn. I will dedicate the site to her since her illness over 2 years ago that forced her to retire. She made over 300 videos. She is bedridden until she dies/OR gets up and walks on water???
It is a bummer situation! I miss her, but her Zoe is full throttle and she taught me right.