November 11th, 2006

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To all the fans of Kitty Foxx

Zoe Zane journalist "Kitty Foxx" behind the scenes of her life: Kitty Foxx was a very special woman. She was my mentor, showing me the way into porn. He hubby Alan was the promoter and computer geek. He was actually a very good videographer and photographer. He adored Kitty and pushed her right into a Hollywood movie with Keifer Sutherland, Jack Nicholson and the little, blonde cutie Reese Witherspoon
as a porn star. Kitty was the grandma and she died in the film. I actually thought it was a good die! Kitty and Alan laid the foundation for mature porn. In 2004, the day after Christmas Kitty Foxx fell to the floor with a cerebral aneurysm left to die. They did not have health insurance so the doctors did not care. After 30 days they took her off the drugs, she woke up and went home to die. She was on hospice and the family took care of her. She never got out of bed and did not have one gray hair on her head. Really. Over 50 Magazine and the family tried to keep her health problem a secret because Kitty was one of the publishers for the magazine. Pat from New York thought it would hurt the sales of the magazine. She got really mad at me for posting about Kitty in my yahoo group and I was asked by Alan to keep everyting low which I did. Although there was a huge article about Kitty on AVN on-line. LOL. Kitty was one of the publishers, she wrote a monthly article and found older women for the magazine layouts/photos. She did not own the magazine. I thought that if the magazine needed to turn Kitty as vintage porn it would sell. But I never said that to anyone. It was not the right time. It is all about timing! Actually Alan and Kitty wrote the articles together. Alan reminded Kitty to talk more dirty, so he edited it to get the fans really hot. Alan took many of the photo layouts for Over50 Magazine. Alan stopped doing the shoots because it took forever to get paid from New York. I have to go get ready for a cam show and I will write later. Bye, I miss Kitty Foxx and she is still alive as I write.

Pic of a young stud, Kitty Foxx and Cassidy Cox. Cassidy is a big time swinging party girl and is very intimidated by me. What a silly girl. That is what Kitty told me about Cassidy. Oh well.