December 2nd, 2006

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Xmas update is on time

I love this update with big fat, tiny-dicked, Mexican Santa. Yes, I farted on him in a vid clip. I laid a big bean-er on Santa! He gave me this ridiculous xmas present, so I got back at him. Tied him up to a table, oiled his plump skin, salted his ass and gave him a soapy enema. Serves you right, dumb dumb.
I stuffed a green apple in his mouth and turned on the oven. Fry you, you big fat fucker for giving me a $2.99 last year's stale present. You don't do this to an evil elf like me! Spit and grrr...

Update dead line is Sunday
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

I'm on one right now

Hopefully, you will see I have tons of heart and my recent updates are edgy and off the wall. Most of us get frustrated with people and things in life so I make fun of it. It gets out the freaky emotional crap and a good belly laugh! Your smart ass-bitch Zoe

P. S. By xmas, I just might do a very sexy red and white love me set! Look like Seka.