December 17th, 2006

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I have not talked about Bikram yoga

BECAUSE IT IS FREAK-ING  hard to do. I come home and let the body do its thang.  I crash.  BUT I am getting stronger in my core.  In 5 years and will be kicking some HOT ass for sure.  You can not escape the process when you do Bikram.  Last night I saw one of my male class mates that knows what I do with college son.  I am so naughty! mmmmmmmmmmmmm...hehehe and we encouraged each other to keep going.  Some of the women are really hot looking in yoga and I am friends with them.  I gave 2 teachers  sparkle cards they have be so wonderful to me. I am almost done with the XMas stuff, still need to get Cyber something.  All the presents are out to my kids and I will stay home for Xmas.  It will be family stuff which is totally gud!
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Rebuilding my main site

I am still working on the site tearing down walls and reorganizing, etc. LOL.  The memberhsip is huge and that is where a lot of reorganizing with happen. It is take more time that I thought. BUT it will be better for navigation and wanking off.  YA baby.  To be honest with ya I want to pig out on movies.  Yesterday I had over 400 in the cam show.  I am looking for a new clit  pumper.