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zoezane [userpic]

Cam show this morning will be with Mr. Frisky, a sex slave of mine

August 11th, 2007 (07:25 am)

current mood: bouncy

I will tie the fuck up to my table and have MY way with him.  He is a handsome son of a B-Otch! Saturday August 11, 2007  My update is from Florida in Key West in sexy lingerie.  Yes, I am very sexy and know just want you need baby cakes.  Smooches in all the right places.  The Keys was like 200% humidity..............eKK, and you can run or walk down the street naked.  REALLY.  Next time I will do that .......walk naked in public in my red platforms and wave at all the cars.

A special funny sexy pic Kittty Foxx and I messing aroung at the car wash in Las Vegas.

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