October 16th, 2007

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Eros-guide 10 years "client apprecation party"

Eros-guide.com called me inviting me to their client appreciation party, a VIP personal invitation with body guards.  You never know what freaks might get crazy with babes like myself.  I have advertised with them that long.?  WOW.  I started with them from the very beginning in Silicon Valley.  It was the age of  the dot.comers and it was unbelievable how much money was running through Santa Clara, Northern California.  Santa Clara was the richest place in the world. Venture capitalists were all over the place.  Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Intel, you name it,  were born.  Santa Clara was where I grew up, I was born near South San Francisco. I am one of few natives left. I moved from Las Vegas, back home where I was raised as a child.  Santa Clara was moving and grooving.

In Las Vegas, I meet this wild redhead at a wedding, she was wearing black. LOL.  She asked me to move to California with her.  We worked together, but I moved to my own place.  Little did I know that I moved to one of the most creative, money making areas in the world.  My timing was right.  I still live here.  My family lives close but I am not too chummy with them cause I 'm a sex freak and they are religious freaks. I do have a sister born with a handicap that knows I produce porn.  

Party night, San Francisco Thursday night October 25, 2007 at Stormy Leather's Store. I will bring one guest with me.  There will be a fashion show and wonderful foods to devour. Oh, a fetish model show, and, oh, maybe maybe Masuimi Max will show up.  Great gal, I love her.  She has ballz!