November 4th, 2007

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California Earthquake

It was very scary for me since I was upstairs at home.  My male cat threw up 2 times before it happened.  I was puzzled as to why he was doing THAT.  The last 2 days I have felt uneasy, out of sorts, agitated, wondering why I felt  that way??? After it happened it made sense about my cat and my uneasiness.  The next day I felt much better, re-leaved, it was Halloween.  Thank you Mother Earth for letting off steam the day before.  During the quake the walls were shaking and I held on hoping the building would not fall down.  I am about 5 miles for the center of the fault line.  eKK!
I blew out candles, turned off the heat and light, stood under the door frame.  I've always been calm during quakes. I was raised in Northern California .  BUT this was not rock and roll, it freaked me way OUT!  I have lived through a few disasters in my life, like 3 fires, and I do not want to go through a major earthquake AT ALL.  Quakes are to not to be toyed with!  This was not exciting. I have this mind that can see way ahead and we do not want to go through a big quake.  So I sending wonderful loves and kisses to Mother Earth, for being so kind to not shake the hell out of us, and making us very humble.  

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