February 18th, 2008

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WARNING: Burning up a Starbucks cookie

You know how Stabucks will warm up your cookie for ya.  Well, after it has been warmed up it gets really hard in the bag.  Yesterday morning for some strange reason, I thought I would warm up the partial hard cookie and it might go soft.  BUT, instead it caught on fire in the microwave.  REALLY, on fire in the bag and SMOKING!!!  LOL.  My kitchen STILL smells like fire burnt Starbuck's chocolate chip cookie.  I shoved it down the garbage disposal while it was still fuming smoke.  LOL.  It would not stop smoking until I drowned it with tap water and down the disposal.  WOW.  What a hot cookie.  HAHAHA  Warning do not try to re-soften a hard Starbuck's cookie it might burn your house down.  eKK!  Zoe Zane zoblog