March 25th, 2008

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Pimp is after Zoe Zane...... ekk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oakland Pimp stalks Zoe Zane

I was walking quickly just after the sun was down part of my exercise routine. Zoe Girl was minding her business making sure to not get attention with her clothes. Zoe, get ready for a fast and quick aerobic walk. Grrrrrrrrrr and let's do it girl. As I turn the curve, there is this brown pimp mobile that turns around in MY direction. LOL. I am getting bad vibes from this freaky brother. Just down the street, I see this blonde babe and I stop her. She tells me some pimp stalker hunts for hos from Oakland. eek! I did not like what I was feeling from the dude in his brown Cadillac Pimp Mobil.
Here is what I want: I want the male actor Jason Statham "Revolver" to beam up this motherfucker pimp for gud. Take him to a Galaxy Court and teach him a lesson on manners, how to treat women who walk for exercise. I am brought in wearing my PVC body suit with some kick ass boots and slap this damn pimp down to the ground. Apologies you pimp freak for even thinking about Zoe Zane as one of your pimp whore hoes!
S M A C K.....**----&-----%---666---...S L A P ...(* grrr..............MTHER-faucker for wanting to pick me UP, u dumb pimp bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see you shake and now cry you sissy butt. Do it freak pimp and your new job is JANITOR.
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