May 3rd, 2008

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May 03, 2008

Sissy boy school training and his grades

Going to school for sissy training:

Yesterday, I saw one of my adoring slaves. After coming down the SC way, I will give him a B- for licking the Kitty. He has the most puckering face lips for a pantie boy I have ever seen. I will give him an A for those lips. Another A for his worshipping lick lick suck sucking on my pretty tootsies. Dearest pantyhose slave, that loves to worship my beautiful size 10 feet with 2 " gripping toes in seamed nylons.....thank you for ALL our drinks. Next time we will go out for dinner with you collared.

Your "Fetish Mommie" Miss Zoe Zane your Movie Star Mistress

This slave is spoiled, a narissitc brat, I make sure he is not allowed what HE thinks he needs.  I get him drunk, make him go outside and make him suck his sissy thumb, laughing AT HIM.  He knows I am laughing at him and does not like it.  Whocares!  RIGHT.  Another thing  I like to do, is stick my finger in my ass and make him smell it.   HE WILL DO IT TOO!!!!!  HA HA HA
He is my drunk sissy brat slave.  he he he he he 
I am so BAD!  I LOVE IT!

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zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Miss Zoe Zane's favorite perfume

 Miss Zoe Zane's favoirte perfume

Cougar Movie Star, Miss Zoe Zane loves this 1oz. Eau de Parfum

It is called .....
Pilar and Lucy
the exact friction of stars.
You can call the main company in LA and make an order for Miss Zoe Zane. I love this parfum so much!
(323) 960-4327 Los Angeles, CA If you would like to become a ...
Pilar and Lucy I "the exact friction of stars" Perfume "the exact friction of stars" is a warm, sexy vanilla based scent. Like eating chocolate in bed after - 18k -