October 21st, 2008

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Witches and vampires--I LOVE THEM!!!

I love witches.  I used pink bubble gum to make a ugly witch nose and smeared make up all over my face in my black dress and pointy hat.  I was very ugly. During my first year of marriage to my X-Mormon seminary teacher in Flagstaff, AZ, I was a pregnant witch.  I love witches and Halloween.  Halloween is my most favorite holiday.  I went with one of his students trick o treating.

I love vampires.  Do you ever want to take someone out?  I do sometimes, and being a vampire is the best way to do it.  A vampire has to feed and suck the blood from humans.  I am so EVIL but   EVIL who cares.  Vampires are powerful and dangerous.  Zoe Zane zoblog http://www.zoezane.com
My animated vampire pic created by a fan on this page