April 29th, 2010

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Southern Charms Update #299

Upskirt School Teacher There are many new charms these days.  The economy/recession has less members joining.  Girl are moving on.  I'm a die hard when I do something.  It would leave SC only IF you saw my cell phone act on SNL in New York.  BUT, I might still do pics just to drive men crazy.  Besides the men have helped me get to SNL, all those fetish secrets they told me over the past 20 years!  The update is up today with text errors.  One of my big grips about SC:  I can not edit mistakes on text updates immediately.  LOL.   Another grip about live journal,  the reason why I haven't use LJ for so long, the spell check sucks.  I want to find the right spelled word, click on it and it's done.  Maybe if I paid for a year LJ upgrade it might be easier???
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zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

I made it to #300 update Southern Charms - update will be Monday May 3 2010

 LOL.  Sometimes I wonder how I got this far since my personal life was turned inside out over 4 years ago.  For a long time I held it together step by step.  The update #300, is me tearing my pantyhose OFF.  I must be getting rid of ALL those unwanted frustrations.  grrrr....screaming out loud,,,,jumping up and down CURSING dirty words.  HA HA HA  Mature Porn Star MILF Zoe Zane fetsh kinky pantyhose
I feel like I'm getting over ALL OF IT!