September 11th, 2011

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I just read about Lizz and HD Cameras

Lizz and I are getting ready to produce nylon stocking videos for  I've had a new HD camera for a year, putting off the learning curve.  LOL.  You get used to the way you do things.  It's tuff enough being the boss, the producer, the star, eeK! - taking pictures, getting male amateur photograpers who are so horny and shake the damn camera.  WTF.  What a waste of time.  LOL.  I need to get a Nikon with remote.  That is another new thing to learn plus using my iPhone and new Apple computer for my book.  I get on OVER LOAD as a porn geek/webmaster.  Yes, I do wear the pants in my haus.  I do all my updates to my website.  I'm getting good response from the Net with traffic this summer.  Just working on driving traffic, is a job in itself.  I need to roll on the floor and play with my cats.  purr kiss and cuddle ----------------  I'm going to Folsom for sure Sunday, September 25 with my stripper daughter.  She and I will take the town.  Lizz, if you can get over to Folsom, it would be awsone.  If not, here I go again in the big city.  I miss Lizz and John/kids when they were down near me in San Jose.  Going up the freeway to Lizz haus was a big job just like getting to Mantica is a bigger job.  I hate to drive, and need a personal driver to for long trips.  That is why, I don't go much.  Lizz, I will be in Vegas for GOTI 2012.  I will get a room like we did last time, if you life allows it.  I'll look for a penthosue with my time share.  Maybe baby!  It was a total success what she and I did at AVN 2011.  Ron Jermey, Nina Harley---Deauxma ---- loved what we we did in Vegas with our BIG ass - fat afros.  The reason I have not use LIVE JOURNAL for my blog --- I hate their speller.  It sucks.  I need EASY, help me please and  make it simple stupid, since I'm the boss of everything!

Zoe Zane