February 13th, 2012

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I test my behavior @Starbucks servers - I made them laugh

Day 41 bikram yoga challenge - Holly Hitler, the Nazi yoga teacher was a bitch in my face yesterday.  Rated unprofessional and not God-like.  Yesterday was 12.12.  Did you feel weird?  I did.  I felt uneasy all day long and wanted to get my yoga class done.  I'm sore and tired.  I talked long distant with Canadian webmaster about High Definition Video and the future.  It's going HD and I can't afford to dislike HD video.  I'll step up to the plate and enter a arduous learning curve for HD.  I will be left in the dust if I don't change.  The webmaster loved my HD videos for Upskirt Granny Whore Story Lady - whew.  I tell stories about being a granny whore.  Then I decided to post a FREE sleazy music cock sucking video on my home page.  I was a few minutes late to yoga but did get the space I needed to take care of myself.  I'm ready to ace the class.  NOW ..............who is in my face but the teacher. Holly Hitler is pushing all of us to the front of the room.  I told her I'm gone.  She said, fine.  I walked out, she was uncaring, unloving and wrong.  Wrong to force people to go where she wants them to go.  I went outside and cried.  When in the midst of the the 40 days it's hang on Zoe.  Out of the box:  I have nothing to hold onto that is familiar.  On top of this it was 12.12 where Love Forces of the Universe/Galaxy were pushing out ungodly behaviors etc.  I felt it with Holly in her concentration camp for Buckle up and I will ram you.  Outside I told myself to not let her push me around, not be a victim to her controlling loveless attitude.  I went back in and a few loving friends tried to get me a spot in the back.  They failed.  I ended over on the side by new people. Bikram yoga is the hell of yoga, some teachers are A type hardcore.  I flipped the bird at Holly several times.  She told other people how great they were in their poses.  She was concerned  that others were down on the floor.  But did she say anything to Miss Zoe?  NO!  I cried most of the time thinking about my abusive parents, the deformed baby that died, the woman hating first husband and the old boyfriend who trashed my life.  I sobbed.  It was hard for me to breath right.  I ended down on the floor crying.  After class I sobbed and sobbed.  When I left the room I said nothing at all.  I called my stripper daughter who said Holly Hitler was unprofessional.  Mom you need to tell her how wrong she was trying to control the chaos in the room.

HOLLY HITLER'S ATTITUDE:  I do not want chaos in my class.  I want all of you to move up to the first 4 rows.  I don't care IF you pay at this studio.  I demand peace in my classroom.  If you defy me I don't care.  That's what Holly did on Day 41. Her control over the class made more chaos and tension.  She spread her hate over the classroom.  It was awful.  I'm out of my box and now this torture from her.  What a cold hearted bitch to not care.  Some people come and go, Holly is gone off my list for friends FOREVER!
My stripper daughter told me to tell Holly how a paying customer who pays for her wages better listen to what they need.  Holly created more chaos by ordering the room the way she wanted it.  Holly did not have the right to tell people where to go in the classroom.  Bikram is the yoga of hell.  It's hard enough to endure the room .  Holly made it worse buy telling us where to practice.  I will tell her next time I see her. I did my best to do all the poses but my breathe was short and hard.  I've decided to leave the classroom IF it more than I can endurance.  I've never left the room in my eight years of practice.  This is my 6Th Bikram Yoga 60 Day Challenge.    Wish me luck.  I have less that 20 days to go and I am finished.

I flipped the bird at Holly during class.  F OFF bitch.  Here is the hate you want from people towards you.