February 16th, 2012

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Day 43 Bikram Yoga

A new teacher Misha, with blond hair?  She travels the world and loves what she does.  It was a great class.  The night before, Valentine's Day evening, I was doing great after yoga class.  Had to replace batteries on iMac to see the grand kids.  I was too late, everyone was in bed in Utah (Cali-Tah).  Watched the "Tower Heist" fell asleep, woke up at 2AM.  Groggy.  Didn't shut off iMac right.  BURB.  Got that working.  Whew.  Then..... I had all this energy.  Posted on this forum XNXX Adult Forum:

I was excited nervous and didn't know how to act at a sex club (Vegas Red Rooster).  One thing for sure, I wanted to throw myself down on the floor, get myself off in front of crowd.  I was obsessed with masturbating.  At the swing club, oldies look for fresh meat.  I didn't know I was on top of the menu.  I turned away from my old life as a preacher's wife.  I was done with all that religious bull shit.  I was living with a bad boy, construction worker that boned me every which way.  I loved it.  Swinging was not on my list to be wild.  But, here I was with a bunch of sex freaks hungry to screw virgin fresh meat.  Did I masturbate in front of crowd?  I did.  Looking back, it was a circle jerk like the one you saw in the movie "Boogie Nights" with Nina Hartley having alley sex on a blanket.  I love Nina.  A couple was after me, the wife finger banged my wet slit till I screamed.  Later on, I was told I was the fresh meat for the night.  Laughing.  The swing couple is an editor for a skin magazine.  Today we a best friends (Alice in Swingland).  Now, I'm a huntress for fresh meat at sex clubs.  Yummy.  Mature MILF Porn Star Zoe Zane (true stories)

After posting like a fool on the new forum my feet were cold, I was tired.  I didn't get enough sleep.  Wednesday, I was a zombie all day.  Day 43, I drug myself through the class, went home had spinach spaghetti.  Yeah, I'm eating pretty gud these days.  I must too finish the 60 days.  I'm the girl who escaped Utah from wheel chair bondage.  She pulled herself out of a dark space.  When I am 90 years old I will be walking.  Strong spine, strong mind.  Zoe Zane Mature MILF Porn Star