February 17th, 2012

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Three hours of change for minus 2 dollars on Southern Charms


Email from Southern Charm's headquarters, a guy complained about 2 photo sets he bought for $4.00.  I get $2.00.  He was upset that the photos didn't have nude in them.  The photo sets are for fetish.  I spent 3 hours changing photo sets to nudity.  LOL.  Heads up Zoe on what the market wants.  WTF.  I wonder if the the complainer got free photos?  .
Day 45 Bikram yoga, I'm wasted.  Hang on Zoe, only 15 more days till the end.  I'm doing my triangle pose 2 times and certain poses only once.  I'm turning into Shavasana or mrtasana, corpse or death pose.  I'm making a home-made t-shirt ASAP.  I'M SHAVASANA dead pose for class. I taking 15 mins a day and do nothing.  This challenge is more stressful.  The new studio is hotter and the door is not opened at all.  I hang by the door and wait for those who leave the room.  They can not handle the heat.  I'm so glad they leave .  It helps me out.  Thank you.