February 20th, 2012

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Day 48 yoga - Owner of studio

was teaching the class.  She's hardcore.  LOL.  I'm amazed I didn't crumble.  The owner/teacher was very encouraging during class.  I aced the camel pose.  One of my yogi girlfriends saw the pose out by the counter entrance to the studio.  She said my camel was so perfect.  OMG!  It has taken 8 long years to get to that moment.  It felt gud in the pose.  The owner Michelle was most attentive towards me in class.  I felt the teacher's heart.  OMG.  Camel opens up the heart chakra.  It's a difficult pose, takes years to master.
Today I saw a friend and his pet parrot.  He didn't want to leave his parrot at home.  So funny, I do weird things day in and day out.  His parrot's name was Mike.  I talked to his pet with nice words of admiration.

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