March 4th, 2012

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My porn production company

is filled with 100% rebellion.  Rebellion against the system.  At my age, I will remember who created the rules and not forget that I'm still under their rules.  I walk with humility when I address this issue.  But --- truth always rules in the end.  How can we split our bodies in 2 ways?  How can you be spiritual but not sexual?  Our world has much fear, shame and guilt over our sex organs.  Kitty Foxx always said, "It's just sex.  We make too big a deal over sex"  She's so right.  Bless Kitty Foxx and her hubby Alan for pushing the older woman out there as MILF, as mature, as Cougar.  Over 40 is mature, is Milf, is Cougar.  Nothing below that.  Many will put themselves out there in the mature section and not be mature.  The men know what is mature!  Leave it to the men to make it right.  "so be it"
This afternoon I will be suffering in day 59 bikram yoga class with Holly Hitler.  She's working on making it right but she'll never be a close friend.  No to Holly, who is not Holy.  Only when I see she has true heart will we be friends.  Zoe Zane