March 5th, 2012

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I love the slave reports from Utah

Holly Hitler was not the teacher.  THANK GOD.  Holly, on day 40 of the challenge, ruined the 4:30PM class with her nazi rules for order. Sunday @ 4:30 PM,  Andre, a male teacher saved my yoga day.  THANK YOU.  Two of my best friends who are teachers were just in front of me.  They made sure I was okay during class.  SO KIND OF THEM.  Class was hard but my spirit was up.  I did it.  Holly said hello but Zoe stays away fron Holly who is not holy.  AND, a miracle happened during the middle of class ..... the male teacher opened up the back door calling it new life force.  W O W !  Is someone reading my blog about the new studio? I hope so.  Finally the door is open for relief from the torturing heat.
My 2 daughters, the new Utah house is the best of the best news.  The girls are way happy with all their new freinds in Cali-Tah.  What a blessing from my Dad to me and the girls.  It would make my Dad very happy knowing what is going on in Utah. I'm sure he is looking down and knows what we are doing together.  It's a new world for women in Utah (the x did not go to Church yesterday helping the 2 girls lift up tack board from the old blue carpet - he was a slave to my 2 girls - I'm loving the slave reports from Utah - ha ha ha).  This house is blessing so many people with our new shiney, happy, injoy energy.  Big Smiles everyone.