March 9th, 2012

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New slave: I have a phony boy

This is hilarious!  I have a new textbook student slave I rode like a pony.  It was not his punishment but his excitement.  I put a rope in his mouth with a bucket of oats around his neck.  He carried my entire body with my boots up off the floor.  He's my phony boy.  WTF. Diva has a real phony boy in her life. A control freak, off the top!  I had a difficult time understanding his heavy Indian accent.  Pony boy was a clock watcher and his nipple play was far from romantic.  He called it romantic but it was sadistic.  I have a whacked phony boy in my stable.  He wanted me to take him outside to the grass and ride him.  LOL.  Next time, I will take him to a dog park.  HA HA HA   This was unromantic and arduous to get it right.  What he meant do not bite hard at the first.  Do not take your teeth and sink them into my hamburger.  You know how you get hungry for a burger and want ot sink your teeth in one.  Laughing.  I did not sink my teek in hard, I was careful.  Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane

zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

He took the abuse on my phone

This mumbo jumbo dick wipe who likes to waste your time took it from my lips.  I called him stupid, dumb, an idot, a liar, a loser and he stayed on the phone.  I told him if he wanted me to beat him it would be 1000.  He did not listen, he thought it was for 5 hours.  I told him to mail me the money.  I gave him the address.  He wrote it down wrong like I thought he would.  He just took it over and over my words of abuse and humiliation.  It made me laugh hard.  Called him desperate dick wipe.  LOL.  I did not care what he thought.  What a dumbo.  Diva's phone abuse to a stranger who keeps calling her. 
Another guy who lost his brain called this morning asking if I was available.  I acted like I could not hear him on my cell phone.  I keep telling him I could not hear him over and over and over again.  He called 5 times.  The last time I did not even talk to him.  Guess what brainless, my phone does not hear you.  S I L E N C E from my phone, no Zoe on the other end.  Daw daw do do bye bye Mr. Retard.  This recession has created phone callers who'll do anyhing for attention.