March 10th, 2012

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Funny cat Peanut - he needs to run for President

Peanut (peanut butter and jam) is the most entertaining cat I've ever owned.  I think he owns me.  HA HA HA  I took pics of the cats over Xmas vacation, found this one today.  You can see he's licking his chops for my dinner. 

Yoga class, last night was crazy.  Teachers were asking me if I was going for 100 straight days of yoga.  I smiled at the crazy teacher who doesn't have a life.  I'm not doing 40 more days to kill myself.  Last challenge was the hardest one I've ever done.  I thought the other challenges were hard.  It took me several day to calm down (6 days).  I'm not that crazy to push myself to 100 days.  Teachers were talking about 160 days.  WTF.  Bikram does not except you to kill yourself so you're not living on the planet.  LOL.  That would happen to me if I pushed on.  BURB.  Teachers @ San Jose Bikram yoga studio are not allowed to do 3 classes in one day.  The rule: they are to be healthy, not cooked.  I think some of these teachers don't have a life, they go for the fry.  I will never be a teacher.  I will be a smart girl and take care of myself.  I need to reward myself for this last challenge.  I'm up for that.  AN AWARD, not the killing of Zoe Zane