March 12th, 2012

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Monday, March 12, 2012 - do not be confused

I spent most of the morning with a new tax advisor and banks.  Need form papers for taxes this hear.  My tax advisor is very smart.   I acquired the forms I needed from the banks to complete my taxes.  Yes, Inzane Productions is a business.  I'm sure you know,  you can give under $13,000 gift money.  If you partner up with another person on a house both can split the interest and yearly taxes on the house.  That's what I learned today.  I ran into nervous Miss One Percent in Los Gatos.  She did not park her black Lexus in the correct parking slot.  The traffic was too much, I crossed over yellow lines, did not make it, was on the sidewalk as a cop drove by.  He passed by knowing I was crunched for my meeting with another money advisor.
 Bank of America has slow service.  I don't bank there anymore.  THANK GOD!  I was smart dumping BOA.  My Dad was BOA.  He's gone now, so is BOA in my life.  Whew!  BOA is such a stuffy bank.
When I was with my tax man, all the losers called my cell phone.  I have them in my phone as losers.  Laughing. 

Message to Mr. Confused:  If you are confused don't bring confused over to your play house.  Make sure you mind is clear.  You create no points on your twiggy books.  You don't want to upset the great flow you made for yourself.  Besides you started it, give more .....and then you took it away.  Make sure you bump it up to your new start and continue to bring that over.  If you don't want to short, then make it up quickly.  Confused is an excuse, you hurt the one you cherish. 
Zoe Zane

P. S.  Last night in yoga it was crowded.  The people near me smelled.  Oh help me!  I finally treated myself, I rewarded myself for finishing 60 straight days of Bikram yoga.  I made a new t-shirt called "Bitch-ram" ----  not Bikram.