March 17th, 2012

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Free biOtch cam show iFriends - most creative Net collection twigs & swatters

The net is constant change.  Not on iFriends for over two years.  LOL.  I can be a free biOtch on iFriends - big laughs. Went in, get my video up, no video.  Now, must download new flash player, then a message, not with IE.  Downloaded Firefox, adobe flash player, newest version.  Went to load video, no video.  LOL.  I called teck support.  He was sharp and wired with voice.  Frustrated Zoe out. eeK --- my Dad yelled at me 24/7.  We went through a check list. I might not have the latest Firefox, I did.  Went to my contol panel, there was the new flash player.  Oh goodie.  Teck told me, go back to IE.  YES!  Video is up and running.  YES again --- I dressed up as the white fluffy furry, angora sweater, upskirt school teacher in mynew classroom.  On Miss Zoe (kisszoezane) is in the Money Domme Section.  It's my free biOtch show.  If you want to see more skin break your pay piggies banks to see the Fem Domme Teacher's big big boobs and ass.  I did it.  What a relief.  I'm pretty savy with cams.  I've had a lot of experience failing until I get it right.  woo hooooo. Here's a funny spanker a fetish sub made for me.  Too funny.  It works great on bottoms.  I think I might have the most creative collection of twigs and swatters on the Net.  Not my design, creative designs of my fetish freaks.