March 23rd, 2012

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Short glimpse into the Fantasy Playland Forum - real experience


A total stranger called to seduce me. His first call of seduction was deliberate to entice me. He lead me astray. It was freaky, took me by surprise. I had a boyfriend, I didn't tell him what happened. The stanger took me off guard in the middle of the night. His voice and thoughts excited me. I wanted to run away. Really. He talked about taking my clothes off in a low lite room. He told me to close my eyes, he would do all the work. On this call, I blindfolded myself in my Vegas walkin closet for phone sex. The caller didn't know I blindfolded myself. I was still, eyes closed shut, naked on the floor touching myself. His dark luring words in my ear made me juicy wet.

Latest:  Miss Zoe's been watching "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on Cable TV.  She's become me and I her.  I take on female movie characters to pass through new portals.  I need the Tattoo Girl right now.  What she did to the guy who raped her was brilliant.  How she held it over him, his sex crime, to get money owed to her, smart. 

Zoe Zoey Zane (crazy girl)

My new signature since thousands type my name with a "y".  I'm now, Zoe Zoey Zane.  Why not!  Now I see why it took me so long to change my name to Zoe "Zoey".  Little did I know some college girl on the Net would used my name and murdered.  LOL.  My book will be dedicated to her sex crime.  Said before.  I know how close death can come.  A few years back, a black coked up freak almost strangled/killed me.  I was by myself coke brain.  It was the scariest LE (life experience) ever.  I called on Jesus/angels to save me.  It worked.  This is not made up.  It's real.  Do not worry for me, I'm protected on many levels to tell the story.  Be safe, I am.  My line of work can be dangerous.