March 28th, 2012

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Early to court on Wednesday

Selection is still in process today.  I'm praying it moves faster or I'm picked real quick to the jury section.  I can read off the questions. hopefully the judge will excuse me.  I hate this whole experience,  I don't want to do jury duty.  Like it's some honor, yeah right.  Must be to jury waiting room by 8:45AM.  Today, I get paid for jury selection.  Yesterday, no pay.  If I remember right, it's $15 a day plus gas mileage one way.  I think jury duty needs to be a full time job for those who want to do it.  The court keeps telling me it's a honor to serve on a jury.  With everything that happened to me I did.  I was served and ripped.  The OB gave me grief pain sorrow.  This court thang is slamming memories left and right in my face.  It's no fun for Miss Zoe.  OB, I made sure he made it.  He didn't stay long enough.  I want you to know our system doesn't work.
Crimes are commited, they get off, it sucks.  This is not a happy blog like I am.  WTF.  Last night before bed, I forced my mind to focus on my blessings.  Conquer yourself, Miss Zoe.  I went to yoga class last night.  My good friends were there for me.  Thank God for good friends.

Wednesday @ noon time - I was release from jury duty selection.  I didn't have to go through the first degree questions by the judge.  I figure my letters to get out of JD stopped my public interview. As I look at the entire experience it was extreme stress.  If I get called again, I'll will make history and write the longest letter. mountains of letters to the court.  One word explains it:


unable to speak, I'm speechless.  I am not going through this again.  Exposing yourself to a judge and a 100 people for selection was not good.  I relived too many negative past experiences.  It was hard hearing what everyone/judge was saying in the court room.  Maybe I will mark the box on the jury duty paper ....I can not hear.

I need yoga right now!  Going to class.  My stripper daughter showed me the improvements of the house on iChat/video.