March 29th, 2012

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Going to yoga, San Tomas Expressway 6PM PST - Wednesday

Picture where it happened, the rolling RV crash.

Photos of banned paths and shoulders in Santa Clara, San Jose and Campbell (respectively). Notice "pedestrians prohibited" signs. San Tomas and Foothill are the only remaining arterial roads -- in the entire State -- where walkers are banned (from both sides of the road). Notice the well-worn paths -- people walk irregardless due to lack of practical alternatives -- but risk a $149 fine. Most people take long detours that greatly increases accident risk due to extra intersection crossings -- often crossing the expressway twice. (Bicycle is parked on the shoulder for scale.)

Off to yoga class to calm myself from NO JURY DUTY.  In my tiny car, favorite music playing, I turn right onto San Tomas Expressway. Miss Zoe needs to get in far left lane to Campbell Ave.  I look in review mirror, what do I see?  I see this Green Bronco moving fast between cars behind me.  What the Fuck.  I look again, it's moving faster ---- crazy fast in and out of cars.  Something tells me to move over to the side of the road.  I do.  I hit the cement rail, slightly bounce.  I'm over and okay.  Holding my breath, the drunk drugged driver, does not kill me.  eek!  The green RV is coming towards me.  Oh no.  Then it moves over to the left, passing me, the right front wheel twists, the vehicle rolls over and over, cliping another car.  The green RV flips and flies into the air landing on it's top, off the roadside in the trees.  I witnessed an out of control truck crash.  Terrifying to watch, as it swerved through many cars. then rolled. LOL.  I'm safe.  Miss Zoe is majorly raddled, more than jury duty selection @ court.  OFM.  Freaking our!  Miss Zoe is thanking her angels who saved her from death's door.  The high speed RV would of hit me.  I was right in it's path. I called my stripper daughter, baby sister and my Kashmir Mob Princess.  With the mob princess, I calmed down.  My jury duty selection court experience was negative.  Mission, defuse the bad court energy, now this.  The "no repect for life" driver endangered many on the expressway --- RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME --- I walked and walked, working off the tension from the RV roller over crash.  I'm alive to tell.  When in the middle of life threatening drama, you must act or die.  Big breath, counting my blessings this morning.  For the first time in a long time, the highway patrol was there for me.  I was in the good.  They helped me, made me feel safe.  LOL.  I went home, burned a green candle and green incense to shift the energy.  Never made it to yoga. 

This morning on you tube searching for video that looked similar to crash.  I also found that people out there like to crash their vehicles for sport.  LOL.  Here is the link:

The big picture:  Everytime you get in your car you either make it safe of unsafe for the all.  It's more about the whole of us, not your selfish, little self.  Oh I'm drunk, driving fast and it's fun.  I can get down the road and not hurt a soul.  WTF is that kind of attitude --- dude, who might like to crash vehicles.  LOL.   I felt like I was a on movie set watching a vehicle crash on the road.  This crash was real, it was not entertainment, life threatening, buddy.  My Cashmir Mob Princess would of run up to your crashed vehicle, kicked in the side of your truck door.  You don't want to mess with her.

Zoe Zane and her CM Princess