April 2nd, 2012

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Sunday - took it easy, went to yoga, funny cat pix

Last night I watched, Cable TV AMC "The Killing".  Now --- who is the killer?  I love this series.  I got through yoga, last 2 classes, releasing tension from body.  Since Wednesday, letting go, truck crash that rolled over on San Tomas Expressway.  Painful, my muscles siezed up.  LOL.  Friday, I was down to the floor with my lower back, both legs hurting.  Went to the doctor for my back. thank heaven for her.  I'm okay this morning.  Whew!  Here is a funny pic of one of my cats at home.  Yes, I have a coffin in one of my bedroom.  You know how I love Halloween.  Boo Meow Laughing

Zoe Zane