April 4th, 2012

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Head shrink, Buttercup confession to Diva

I canceled a sadistic appointment with dentist --- I don't what any more pain.  I've had it.   Jury duty and the drunk driver pushed me out there.  I want peace.  Mantra:  I am peace. My yoga friends gave me raspberries for not showing up for the awards party - 60 day challenge 2012.  I went to class on Saturday @ 4:30 PM.  My head shrink said --- Zoe you are following your intuition.  O. K.  I love it. 

Here is the story for Buttercup, he confesses to his Diva:

Diva's attention and sexual aggressions heightened my sexuality.  I could not control my male impulses.  I try to resist but fail every time.  Those powerful urges make me surrender and cower to her requirements.  My male behavior is unusually submissive.  Her woman friends see my submission to her.  Diva makes me helpless, it's her laughter and sadistic enemas.  Diva tells her friends, I have misbehaved, not suitable behavior for a little man.  That I, Buttercup have provoked Diva to tear my pants down in public.  All her friends laugh, keep laughing knowing how Diva has embarrassed Buttercup's little balls.  A good boy like Buttercup still needs his Diva to take a switch and blister his bare bottom once in a while.  Maybe, quite a bit more than once in a while.  Diva looks Buttercup in his eyes ----Isn't that right, my Buttercup?"  I'm doomed even on my best day.  I still pout sulking disrespectfully in front of my Diva and her friends. I didn't perform tasks I knew she expected me to complete. I use "day dreaming" to somewhere land THAT gets her irrated up.  This sneaky, dodging behavior gets me in trouble all the time with Diva.  Her back would be to my face and I'd feel her fired up smile.  NOW.....I will get it for sure.
whack smack whackie smack smack on my bare red bottom.... set my pants of fire ----- brand me up in the mountains like a good little slave.  Jumping up and down, it hurts so much.  Ouch.  My bottom is on fire, I deserve it.

Crazy with Laughter ........(((((((     #$%^&*...#$%^&    ))))))))
Zoe Zane
Fetish Diva Diamond