April 5th, 2012

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Last 30 minutes driving to the Saratoga Library

I saw 4 cops giving out tickets in 30 minutes.  California freeway - - - - - big red letter sign "alerting texting drivers of the fine" $149.00 dollars.  LOL.  Hold it down everyone --- the Easter Holiday is flooded with cops.  So much for the Easter Bunny Fun. 
I get this email message, over due movies from library.  OFM!  I found one under my car seat.  I was feeling great until this email message.  So much for free movies from the library.  Maybe the libraian made a mistake?  It will take 6 weeks to find out.  I might have thrown the movies away with jury duty over my head. 

Fun note to Sexy Miss Lizz......
I miss all the wild photo shoots with Sexy Miss Lizz and friends.  This recession put a damper on our sexy porn fun.  I miss the fun wild bash days Lizz and I shared.   Love you Lizz.

Last night went to yoga class.  The owner teacher was telling me how I was crunched yoga poses.  Bikram yoga is about self recognition.  You see and realize how you're improving.  Message to self:  Keep going Zoe, don't give up.  Others see it too.  Suffer now in Bikram yoga----- so you're not suffering like the majority of the aging population.

Just got this mad caller, a dumb ass 11 inch dickman on my cell.  He asked me if I wanted to see it?  NO!  What men will do for attention.  I'm sure he doesn't have 11 inches.  He called me a scum bag bitch.  Like I really care what he thinks.  Maybe next time, will tell him I want to see it and meet him in person.  Get him all fired up and give far away directions.  Not show up.  Bad Miss Zoe!