April 13th, 2012

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Weird phone caller - Madonna MDNA & Zoe Zane free ticket pic

You all know I get weird stuff on my cell phone.  Sometimes I tell my baby sister what they say to me.  It makes her laugh, we laugh together.  Today this cheap sounding phone caller had to tell me he wanted to give it to me with his dick.  I said back --- what did you say???  ---- acting stupid like I did not hear him.  He wanted to know if I was the right person???  Next time I'll say I'm not the person you want and give him a bad time.  HA HA HA ---- The guy said back to me ---- he had a penis to give me.  I acted deaf on his words.  My sister was shocked he even said dick or penis on the phone.  I explained that's what I get day in and day out.  HUM.  I could stop this dirty talk, those cheapo calls, if they were getting charged per minute like phone sex.  Oh wow --- next time I get a crazy caller, I will tell him he's getting charged per minute for dirty talk .  I can hardly wait to try this out on some dirty fucking horny phone caller.  Will let you know what they say back to me.  I want my phone to ring so bad right now.  chucking .......

Here is another pic for free tckets to Madonna's MDNA.  Last night on Cable TV --- I listened to Madonna sing her new techno song about wild girls.