April 19th, 2012

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Working on site, family visitor

My baby sisiter is visiting and needs a lot of attention.  Come visit big sister and get away from her crappy life in Sac. There is no repect in her house.  She's waiting for her mean husband to die, will not divorce him.  She's too afraid.  Oh well.  so be it.  Went to yoga last 2 days.  Working on updates for sites on the Net.  Writing my book, whew. 
Sometimes you want family to visit until they visit.  Then you want to be alone with yourself.  My baby sister deals with tons of shit.  It's overwhelming.  Oh well, she needs time out from her bully asshole husband.  She will go back to Sac tonight.  Here is a nother blog to Asia.  http://misszoezane.blog.fc2.com/  What I like about the Net.  First one was banned, I must post everyday stuff.  What I like diary to Asia.

Here is a pic of my 3 male cats when they were kittens.  Today, they are over 50 pounds of total furry purr love for Miss Zoe.