April 20th, 2012

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The abused

When you see a family member being abused you want to stop it.  But you don't have the power to stop it.  Only the abused person has that power.  I have to put my baby sister on the shelf after she leaves.  It's sad what her bully bastard husband is doing to her.  And... she lets it go on.  She has finally got the message to not engage in conversation (not talk) with him.  Good for her.  She gets mad at me when I talk about leaving him.  She's afraid and in fear of what he will do to her.  She's still in the Mormon Church.  The fantasy that the Church will save her.  This is too hard to watch.  Last night we had some good laughs watching Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock.  Sandra is too funny.  At least we laughed.  My baby sister is so angry and stuck in hell. This is not a happy blog. 

Today my stripper daughter confessed how a on-line guy deceived her with his love and money.  How he would take care of me.  She found out he's married and unhappy.  She's feeling twisted inside out and very hurt from a stalker.  We have plans.  It will be in the book.

I will be doing yoga the next three days.  Yesterday, a caller wanted to know if I was wrinkled shriveled up.  I sent him to check out my site.  He called back HOT!  He will never ever know me.  Men who make judgment on older women like he did are banned from the world of Zoe Zane Zoey Zane

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