April 24th, 2012

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Sex tip and a prank call

Make sure you tell your sex partner what you DO like.  How soft, how light, how hard, how erotic, how intense.  They can not read your mind.  It's better you talk about what you DO like.  Dare.  Dare to be rejected.  I am talking about touching with hands not a fetish you might have.

Yesterday, I got this random call from a porche mechanic, his own business.  His guy friend gave him my phone number.  LOL.  He did not know what I was about.  He guy friend was playing a prank on him.  I told him to kick his guy freind in the ass for me and him.  Laughing.  I get the strangest calls but this is by far the weiner ---- the winner!  (((((((Laughing out loud))))).  We talked on the phone about 15 minutes.  His shop is right up the street from me.  The caller found me on the Net.  Now he's hot for me.  LOL.  Maybe one of these days I'll be bold go over to his shop make him take me for a fast ride in his fast car.  Crazy stuff, hugh. 

I wonder what today will bring me on my cell phone?  Most people would freak out what I listen too.  Not me,  I give freak back.  How about that America.  HA!

Peanut is having a spaz attach right now.  He wants OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now he's in my face with his pink nose.