April 27th, 2012

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Update for zoezane.com is Friday

I've been a busy girl this week.  Did video with college student, seduced him with skin magazines for hot sex!  Then I did a  guy at hotel room.  I'm my sexy self, a girl gone wild since I left the Mormon Chuch in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I'm not asking for forgiveness.  Will be slamming myself in yoga over the weekend.  This morning Chubs, Peanut and Buddy wiere sleeping snuggie close to me.  Pushing out 50lbs. of cat is a fuzzy chore.  I made it to the bank on time at 9AM PST this morning.  I'm such a blessed girl.  Live cam show on iFriends.com will be 9AM PST.  I will wear my hot orange Vegas sexsuit/new shoes ..... for the show.