April 30th, 2012

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Sex Tip - Zoe Zane is a Vegas Girl Gone Wild

Do not tell someone you cheat.  Tell your pastor or a close friend.  The person you are cheating on knows anyway.  They do not want to know you cheat.  Just love them more and yourself.  The reason why we cheat?  They are many reasons why we cheat.  What is your reason for cheating?  Not getting the sex you want?  Bored?  Like to get caught?  Sick game the last one.  OMG

I had a private interview with a guy that has seen girls since 18.  He wanted to know how a 20 year old acts when he sees me.  He is shy and a walking hardon.  The 20 year old is not sure how to act around me.  The interviewer thought I was retired.  No baby cakes.   I am strong and maybe....I will do this till I am 75?  Just want to say I did it at 75.  I know a woman who is 77 years old doing it.  WOW!  Make a porn movie at 75 is awsome.  A woman on Howard Stern was in porn at 75 years old.  Oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It was interesting listening to the interviewer.  He's so bored not going all the way.  Oh well.  He does not want to be a cheater and limits himself.  His limits are boring him.  If he stops his union he will never get married again.  He will go crazy in the land of fur and boobs in Vegas.  HA HA HA

It just hit me last night, I'm a Las Vegas Girl Gone Wild.  That's where I planted my wild seeds with
mature porn star Kitty Foxx.