May 13th, 2012

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Happy MILF Mom Mother's Day

There's a lot of fear around age/aging.  Being younger, you think you can take on anything, and you do.  Everything is possible in your world.  Then life comes and you see what you are made of.  Growing old, major issue, millions of baby boomers are currently facing in 2012.  Some let it happen, others do what they can to doll up and feel younger.  If your self esteem was fragil into your 40's, going into your 50's will get worse.  How you like and feel about yourself starts to show in the body.  It shows up in our talk to ourselves and others.  Watch what you say to yourself.  It makes it harder if you are not okay with yourself as you age.  I see famous Internet models dogging (even famous have low self-esteem) other sexy Internet models.  WTF.  I have it going on with underground female associates.  If your self image sucks everyone will feel your trouble.  Turning to the drink - to cover up your pain - not a good solution.  Thank God I'm not a drinker.  My number one goal:  love myself and accept what I have right now.  Bring peace to my mind, body and heart.  It will show up in the body over a long period of time.  I decided 20 years ago to smile when shit hit the fan.  To love my arduous Bikarm yoga class and it's challenges.  RIght now, I've been practicing on a fractured right pinky toe since the end of September 2011.  boo hoo.  I though it was sprange but finally found out it is fractured.  I have these long toes I clip on furniture.  I don't remember how I clipped the toe. I do remember what happend in my life at that time.  In my last Bikram yoga challenge - 60 straight days - I did it on a broken toe.  OFM  - oh dear oh dear oh dear  - there have been others in the room who practiced on broken toe toes.  I heard them talking, need to talk to them about it. I might go swimming on alternate days just to get thourgh the healing of my right pinky toe.  Poor baby toe - kisses and more kisses to you my little friend.  HA HA HA