May 18th, 2012

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Your powerful self and my 3 male cats outside at night

When you see and believe you can do anything, you do it.  Nothing stops you.  Nothing.  The Earth could fall on top of your house and you would find a way to get out.  When voices are downing you ---- you don't care.  You don't give a damn what they say.  You keep on your path and look for the pony in the pile of crap. 

Two nights ago my 3 male cats got out, Chubs pushed open the locked screen door at 10PM PST.  Zoe was relaxing for the night.  eeK!  LOL..... where are they?????  I was freaking out like a mad, crazy lady.  Zoe was running around in her jammies to find them.  I found them, whew, they were chasing a wild cat.  LOL.  I told them to get inside, hurry up now, they all went upstairs tails in the air --- woo hoooo we got outside without our Mommie - we love it.  Hey boys, your Mom is freaking out.  I scolded them for going outside.  They knew they were in trouble.  It was funny watching 3 cats who look the same, herd outside.  Very interesting to watch they weigh over 50 pounds.  That's a lot of love in the parking lot at 10PM PST.