June 3rd, 2012

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Zoe Zane does drive-by after 10:30PM PST

Last night after a hot encounter with a stud boy, I drove down the main drag of a very famous town.  I love this town.  I drove my tiny car with blonde hair flying as erotic music played from my radio.  What did I get charged over?  Guys were turning their heads to see who she was in the tiny silver car.  I did a drive-by past the Apple store after 10:30PM PST by the fulll moon.  I was hot and charged, called my stripper daughter, her time 11:30PM. She listen to her wild, cougar Mom talk about sidewalk men, men at bars, men at the ATM.  It was clear the men were looking for hot women.

Zoe Zane

June 2, 2012
The real thang baby!

Wild Cougar Zoe Zane