June 4th, 2012

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Zoe Zane Photos - I will keep your secret safe

For a very long time, I''ve taken care of friends with quirky fetishes.  I've create great value with them.  When their fetish makes a mess they apolgize to their MILF Zoe Zane.  Our experience is special and bonding.  Laughing.  I'm "Fetish Mommie" for the many who need me.  I have a special crossdresser who was not able to talk to me last month.  He cried when he read my forum story about our life together.  I'm posting the story over on the freeone's forum.  I talked to him (Bonnie) last week, he told me how much he missed his DIVA FETISH MISTRESS DIVA DIAMOND ---- Fetish Diva Diamond ---
The Happy Domme

I'm very good at keeping secrets, special encounters for discreet people.

Zoe Zane Photos

Yesterday, Sunday 4:30AM PST yoga class, the teacher was hilarious.  I love her.  She maked me smile which is best  when you dump crapolla from the spine and mind.

Watched the AMC Cable TV seriers "The Killing" but feel alseep, missed the end.  I can go back and rewatch the last series.  The killer is coming up next week.  Some of the mob are getting hardcore with emotions and pay backs.  Bang!


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