June 9th, 2012

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Free 4 U Bitch Live Cam Videos Show - viewers comments

Dentention was never this good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9AM PST Saturday morning

GUEST217 [13:24]: i would like to put my head under your skirt
GUEST217 [13:22]: mmmmmmmmmm
GUEST217 [13:22]: i love detention Mrs. Zoe!
GUEST217 [13:21]: you have a nice ass too
GUEST217 [13:21]: mmmmmmmmmmmmm
GUEST217 [13:21]: may i kiss it?
GUEST217 [13:21]: that look delicious
GUEST217 [13:21]: oh my god
GUEST217 [13:20]: whatever the teacher wants
GUEST217 [13:20]: yes Mrs. Zoe
GUEST217 [13:20]: oh yesssssssssssss
GUEST217 [13:19]: i am a cum slut
GUEST217 [13:19]: uungggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
GUEST217 [13:18]: your cum licking bitch
GUEST217 [13:18]: yes i'm your bitch
GUEST217 [13:18]: i want to cum so big
GUEST217 [13:18]: please?
GUEST217 [13:18]: i want to cum on your gorgeous breasts, then lick them clean
GUEST217 [13:17]: i want to do something very naughty on your cleavage
GUEST217 [13:17]: phew!
GUEST217 [13:16]: it's getting warm in here
GUEST217 [13:16]: i have an idea
GUEST217 [13:16]: yes
GUEST217 [13:16]: very impressive
GUEST217 [13:16]: oh my
GUEST217 [13:15]: wow, i love your cleavage!
GUEST217 [13:15]: never!
GUEST217 [13:15]: i love being in detention with you, ms. Zane
GUEST217 [13:14]: i love fishnets!
GUEST217 [13:13]: very sexy
GUEST217 [13:13]: oooo those stockings
GUEST217 [13:13]: may have to go to dtention several times
GUEST217 [13:12]: i've been a very bad boy
GUEST217 [13:12]: i definitely would've flunked your class, several times!
GUEST217 [13:11]: oh my
GUEST217 [13:11]: hi zoe
KISSZOEZANE [13:07]: hi bad boy
GUEST239 [12:57]: <Private> oh yes..... about to cum
GUEST239 [12:57]: <Private> mmmmmm  how about showing the bra
GUEST239 [12:57]: <Private> making me stroke hard
GUEST239 [12:56]: <Private> mmmmmm pinch those nipps???
GUEST239 [12:56]: <Private> oh yes
GUEST239 [12:56]: <Private> mmmmm nipple pinch....mmmm
GUEST239 [12:55]: <Private> oh yes..... on you
GUEST239 [12:55]: <Private> mmmmmmm that is me....
GUEST239 [12:55]: <Private> can you pinch those nipples....mmmmm
GUEST239 [12:54]: <Private> mmmmmmm stroking for you mmm
GUEST239 [12:54]: <Private> how about tit?????
GUEST239 [12:53]: <Private> mmmm nice....
GUEST239 [12:50]: <Private> how about tits..???
GUEST239 [12:50]: <Private> nice shoes
GUEST239 [12:49]: <Private> mmmmm can I see those tits....mmmm
GUEST239 [12:49]: <Private> oh yes.... I dooo
GUEST239 [12:49]: <Private> MMMMMMMM love the hose...
GUEST239 [12:49]: <Private> you can stroke my pole
GUEST239 [12:49]: <Private> MMMMMMM
KISSZOEZANE [12:47]: bad boys sit on the floor
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