June 21st, 2012

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Bonnie & Diva - phone sex domination training - 1950's nylon teacher

I instruct my submissive Bonnie every week from the phone.  Bonnie wants to be my girl. like a Mother daughter relationship.  Bonnie is bonding to me more and more.  Bonnie has the heart of a true submissive.  Bonnie would do anything for me.  Bonnie loves his Diva and knows me as Fetish Diva Diamond http://www.stardomtheatre.com .  I was discovered by Bonnie in DDI Mag ---  Domination Directory International - the famous Domme Magazine you must buy from an adult store or on-line.  The publisher and I are very close.  I laugh about his (publisher) comments how he must manage a group of cats.  That must be a big job assisting famous Pro Dommes all over the world.  In my next DDI MAG ad, I look like June Cleaver in lacy pink dress pulling up my hem-line showing off my slip, garters and top of tan silk nylons.  Dress was given to me by Julia Naughty School Teacher www.ffstockings.com Julia and her webmaster are the most glorious friends.  One of the days, I will fly up to Canada for a week of fun doing photos and video for the Internet.  Julia and Zoe Zane (Fetish Diva Diamond) are the best at being bad school teachers on this planet.  Laughing.  I adore both of them, we have great fun making 1950's nylon porn together.  Bonnie likes to hear about Julia and myself (Zoe Zane) dressing up in vintage 1950's clothing.  Bonnie would serve us tea at my house parties.  ( It's a private secret, Bonnie only knows, that Diva is testing some of her subs, to one day, be her personal assistant).  Now you know my big secret.  I trust Bonnie completely.  Would Diva allow Bonnie be one of her personal assistants?  Yes.