June 23rd, 2012

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Live Cam Video Photo - Teacher and her big smoker

All kinds of thing went wrong before the show.  I lost my garter belt and some of the garters to the garter belt.  LOL.  But I finally found every-thang.  Whew.  Each live cam show is different with different viewer's requests.  I like that it's different in each live cam show.  I like to go with the flow with the viewers. I wanted to show off my my big ass black platforms in stockings.  Some viewer wanted me to put on boots.  He keep on and on about boots, I ignored him.  Next time lover, boots for you.   I grapped my big ass cigar blew smoke from my big smoker over and over again.  I did a naughty suck on the cigar, used my tongue and shoved it in my hairy school teacher pussy.  I pulled up the girdle to show off my pussy clit and lips.  Bad school teacher talked about how she uses her hands on boners, her tongue licks and big nipples to get the bad boys hard in her classroom. 

zoe zane teacher photo