June 26th, 2012

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Leading the Double Life

I'm still the same person getting bolder/strong with my family.  My kids need to see their Mom as the bomb.  Their Mom is her powerful self more and more.  In Utah, my stripper daughter found a Mid-Century Modern House on a short sale.  I flew (my flight was 3 hours delayed in San Jose Airport, I almost didn't go) to assist my daughters with construction issues.  It turned out better than my stripper daughter thought possible.  It's become clear the construction job will be the way she wants it.  The floor is modern never been done before in a residential house. Our leverage:  the father who owns the flooring company has a temper.  If his boys don't do something right they get hell.  If my daughter tells the Father the jobs is not getting done right, Daddy will blast his sons for messing up.  We have the edge to get the job done right.  Whew.  My stripper daughter was stressing way too much.  It's gud Mom went to Mormon-land.  I will never go back to the Mormon Church.  So much repression.  Not ever!
I found out my Xhusband who lives in Syracuse, Utah is zone for garden burials.  He can be buried in his backyard.  When he dies I'm sure my doctor son will not allow it.  He will pay the bill to bury his Dad properly "lets makes lots of money off the dieing" way.  Whew.  Did I say that?  HA HA HA
My youngest grandson, his name is Taylor, asked why my Xhusband, his grandpa and I are not together.  His answer was this:  he is older than me.  Funny hugh.  Laughing.  I let it be that way.  Good answer why we're divorced by a 5 year old.

I'm glad I'm home.  Utah was freaking hot and stays hot till fall.  The water and air is dry.  I felt like a bowl of wheat flakes with no milk.  I felt dry.  My flight was delayed in San Jose for 3 hours.  Just when it was finally time to board the plan I was ready to cancel my flight.  People were boarding so I got on.  It's good I went in.  My two daughters needs my support with the house. All is well.

Today is Tuesday at my desk in San Jose/Southbay.  I had a tiny vacation, something different, now back home.
What was Zoe Zane reading on the plane?  Wall Street vs You by Natalie Pace.

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